Zenconnect® Pods

Your virtual sales calls will shine with Zenconnect® Pods from Zentura.

From sleek, single-user, high tech pods through to fully immersive virtual reality stages and presentation suites, the Zenconnect® family provides the perfect suite of cutting-edge video collaboration spaces for your workplace. 

• Collaborate fast and effectively
• Eliminate time wasted travelling
• Cut travel & accommodation costs
• Improve sustainability, reducing carbon footprints

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many of our working practices and video conferencing has become a staple of our working day.

Now it’s time for video calls that help, not hinder, your sales calls and important meetings.


For more information on our range of Zenconnect® Pods, please download the brochure or call:

020 7856 0460

A Professional Edge

Create the ideal space for the perfect conference call environment. Poor quality sound, cluttered backgrounds and unprofessional sales pitches will be a thing of the past.

With high quality, plug-and-play technology, exceptional sound and optimal lighting, Zenconnect® pods are easy to navigate, and provide a clear and professional virtual space.


Virtual sales pitches that are just as dynamic as face to face. Your team will be keen to get back into the office and benefit from this perfect video call environment that simply can’t be created at home.


An ideal solution for a designated video conference area in your workplace. With sleek, minimalist designs that fit elegantly in compact spaces.


With Plug and Play technology that’s easy for all the team to use. That means less time focused on the logistics of your video calls, and more freedom to wow your clients

Choose your Pod

The Pitch Pod

A single user pod, The Pitch Pod™ comes with fully integrated plug and play technology to ensure your video conferencing experience is as seamless as possible, perfect for sales conversations and pitches and anyone needing to communicate undistracted with high quality and efficiency.

The Meet Pod

A meeting pod for up to 6 people, The Meet Pod™ enables you to collaborate with clients and colleagues regardless of their location in a professional way.  Perfect for conferences and meetings, the layout is designed to make everyone feel included, just like you’re all around the same meeting table!

The Present Pod

Designed for digital presentations and exhibitions, The Present Pod™ enables professionals to carry out full demonstrations of products and services in a crisp and cohesive fashion.


Have a bespoke requirement?  We can create a solution to meet your exact requirements, whether it be for sales pitches, conferences or even auditorium spaces.