Alcohol Gel Door Push-pads

Open doors in your workspace with confidencethanks to the innovative ZenTouch, a unique and effective hygienic door-mounted push-pad which instantly disinfects.

Unobtrusive and easy to install, the ZenTouch allows your people to move around their environment and collaborate in safety, while keeping high volume touchpoints sanitised and safe.


With a compact and sleek design, the ZenTouch™ replaceable pad secretes a small amount of alcohol gel every time pressure is applied, sanitising the pushpad and mimicking the effect of using an anti-bacterial wipe after every actuation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, and providing a practical and safe solution to staff in working in a variety of office based environments.


The weekly disposable* door Pushpad snap-fits into the plastic holster – made with recycled plastic.

ZenTouch Antibacterial Door Pushpad includes 12 Plastic Mounts and 60 Refills.

Secretes alcohol gel under pressure to self-disinfect surface.

Gel or hand wash + Zencare Pushpad = STAY CLEAN.

Dimensions: Pushpad– 276x98mm/Holster – 376x109mm.

*Pushpad lasts 1000 actuations or 7 days.


ZenTouch™ secretes alcohol gel under pressure to self-disinfect the surface, instantly cleaning the hands and the pad.


Low cost, minimal capital outlay & easy to fit. Attach the holster to the door in seconds and quickly and easily clip the pads into the holster.


Pushpad lasts 1000 actuations or 7 days, and can be placed onto any door with a flat surface at least 376mm(h) x 109mm(w).


Protect your people by ensuring excellent hygiene standards, reducing the risk of surface contamination and keeping your workspace clean.


Enable the interaction and movement that your teams thrive on, providing confidence for your people to be at work.


Empower your people to continue to achieve professional and personal milestones - give them peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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