Workplace Sanitiser Solutions

The protection of everyone in your workspace can be achieved in complete safety thanks to the ZenClean range of a comprehensive and innovative range of non-contact hand sanitiser dispenser solutions.

Suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications and environments, ZenClean hand sanitiser and wash stations provide an essential and user-friendly way to prevent cross contamination in your workplace.

ZenClean™ Products:


Completely hands-free and mechanical, the ZenClean™ Exec is an unobtrusive and hygienic hand sanitiser station suitable for a variety of dynamic commercial environments, allowing your people to operate with complete peace of mind.


The ZenClean™ Compact is a discrete and durable handwash station that is compact and portable. Non-plumbed option available! Suitable for delivering superior quality cleaning solution in comparison to hand sanitisation stations, giving your people peace of mind.


The ZenClean™ Max, a discrete and durable handwash station.  Provide your people with complete peace of mind throughout the workspace, with this superior quality cleaning solution in comparison to hand sanitisation stations.


All of our ZenClean™ sanitisation stations are hands-free, increasing standards of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the workspace.


Many ZenClean™ stations are power and plumbing free and can be easily moved from one location to another, ensuring excellent versatility for dynamic, high-footfall areas.


All ZenClean™ stations are designed to be compact and efficient, maximising the space for your working environment & minimising actuation time.


Protect your people by ensuring excellent hygiene standards, reducing the risk of surface contamination and keeping your workspace clean.


Provide your people confidence to be at work and enable the interaction and communication that your teams thrive on.


Empower your people to continue to achieve professional and personal milestones - give them peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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