Workplace Air Purification

The most advanced virus and bacteria control technology of its kind. The combined technologies of specialist dual UV and Photocatalytic Disinfection (PCD) are proven to kill COVID-19, along with 99% of airborne and surface micro-organisms, circulating purified air 24 hours a day. 

ZenAir Explained

The air around us contains micro-organisms – viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These micro-organisms are the source of odours, encourage the growth of mould and spread infection.

Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills these micro-organisms by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities. This UV reacts with photocatalytic oxidation forming Hydroxyl Radicals which break down VOCs.

Targeted Ozone, produced via the specialist lamp in the Air Purifier, gets to the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of micro-organisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell.

ZenAir™ Products:


Designed for smaller spaces, the ZenAir Compact is ideal for offices and small meeting rooms. Continuously operating and completely silent, the Compact offers effective odour and infection air control throughout spaces up to 20 sq/m per unit.


Designed for larger areas, the ZenAir Exec can be either wall or ceiling mounted, perfect for larger workspaces, common areas and catering facilities.  Continuously operating or free standing, the Exec offers premium odour and infection air control in spaces up to 80 Sq/m per unit. 

Washroom +

The ZenAir Washroom+ is specifically created for the sanitary hazards of washrooms. Fan operated for improved performance and wall or ceiling mounted, the Washroom+ provides superior odour and infections air control, giving you peace of mind.


All of our ZenAir Air purifiers work silently while operating 24/7, keeping air quality high and helping keep your workspace safe,


All ZenAir Units are filter free and can run off a standard power supply, eliminating expensive install and running costs.


All ZenAir Units are have minimal power requirements, and have an energy saving system to minimise power usage, saving you money.


Protect your people by ensuring excellent hygiene standards, reducing the risk of airbourne contamination and keeping your workspaces safe.


Provide your people confidence to be at work and enable the interaction and communication that your teams thrive on.


Empower your people to continue to achieve professional and personal milestones - give them peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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