Sanitise with certainty thanks to the Tersano range, a collection of unique sanitation solutions that enable your people to collaborate with confidence. 

Using Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) technology, tap water is turned into a safe, effective sanitiser that works stronger than bleach and is completely chemical and toxin free:

Tersano Products:

The iClean mini

Easily portable and incredibly versatile, the iClean mini is a sanitation solution that turns tap water into a safe, effective sanitiser that works stronger that bleach. 

Excellent for consistent use in smaller areas throughout the day in a wide variety environments in constant use, where surface hygiene is essential.

The Lotus Pro System

Excellent for large-scale sanitisation in bigger commercial environments where surface hygiene is essential.  

The Lotus Pro SAO dispenser is simple to use and allows you to clean entire buildings using just one batch! Fill mop buckets, refill spray bottles and more. No more storing, mixing, or disposing of traditional chemicals, you can create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone at the push of a button.  Discover how it works and a few of the benefits below:

Environmentally Friendly:

1 - SAO™ uses just tap water, electricity and oxygen - massively reduce the chemicals entering rivers, streams and groundwaters.
2 - As a reusable product, it reduces the amount of plastic packaging likely to end up in our oceans.
3 - You'll only require a replacement cartridge a few times a year so save on deliveries!
4 - Reduce the usage of toxic chemicals.

Save Cleaning Costs:

1 - Between 50-80% in cost savings is normal for most businesses!
2 - Tersano eliminates the need to purchase multiple chemical products.
3 - A reusable product, using only tap water, little electricity and oxygen and requiring a replacement cartridge only a few times a year makes Tersano extremely cost effective.


1 - Safe for staff - completely non-toxic.
2 - Safe for clients - reduce their exposure to chemicals when they visit your workspace.
3 - SEO safely converts back to oxygen a few days after it's application, after it has killed 99.999% of harmful bacteria of course!
4 - No need to store toxic chemicals on site, giving your people peace of mind.


Practical and easy to implement. Create instant, on-demand production of SEO and it's non-toxic properties cut the need for COSHH training.


Enable your people to meet and interact in communal areas with confidence, in the knowledge that their workspace is fully sanitised.


Empower your people to continue to achieve professional and personal milestones - give them peace of mind during these uncertain times.

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