Do you know someone who is looking to relocate, refurbish or fit out their office?

We’d love to help them with their projects, so please let us know by completing the form below and as a thank-you, we will send you a complimentary box of chocolates. We'll also send you a £100 Gift Voucher or £100 donation to a charity of your choice once the project becomes a quotable opportunity.


Terms & Conditions Apply:
  • Only genuine referrals will receive a complimentary box of fudge. All form fields must be filled out correctly in order for us to consider your referral.
  • Your chosen voucher will be sent to you once the company you recommend becomes a quotation.
  • Companies located in the UK only.
  • Voucher value is £100 GBP and will be in the form of an e-voucher to the email address you state on this form.