We provide a full design, supply and installation service of office lighting solutions in London and throughout the UK to organisations of all sizes.

Zentura are highly experienced in delivering and installing a broad selection of beautiful office lighting solutions suitable for a vast range of styles, industries and budgets.

We are proud to supply exceptional office lighting with excellent value for money to companies across all industries in London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK.

We can design and install full lighting systems to help you save energy, lower your carbon footprint and reduce building costs.

Zentura can provide a comprehensive range of commercial lighting systems and office lighting design solutions as part of an office design & fit out or office refurbishment project and we are even happy to assist our clients in choosing the right office lighting solution for their individual brand.

Poor office lighting can affect overall workforce performance, employees’ emotional health and productiveness, as well as cause numerous physical ailments including eye strain and tiredness. In addition to supplying stunning office lighting solutions, Zentura go the extra mile and offer our clients a workplace lighting assessment. These assessments allow us to investigate the office interior structure, addresses health and safety regulations and suggests office lighting design options that will improve the productivity and wellbeing of staff.

The Benefits of LED Office Lighting Solutions in London & East Anglia

On average, UK organisations typically use up to 35% of their electricity consumption just on office lighting. Switching all lighting to an LED model can help companies to cut their fixed costs dramatically. Lighting bills can be reduced by as much as 90% and a rapid payback of the initial investment can be achieved thanks to the vastly improved energy efficiency of LED lighting.

The aesthetic benefits of LED lighting over traditional lighting (containing glass, filaments and pressurised gases) are numerous too. They tend to be considerably more robust than traditional lights and with “retro-fit” LED products for almost every luminaire or an equivalent LED product for any traditional light bulb available in today’s market, there can be virtually no additional cost required changing to LED.

Not only will LEDs save you money, but they are better for the environment and are far safer and less likely to cause fires by overheating than any other kind of lighting.

Speak to one of our experts today on 020 7856 0460 to discuss your office lighting solutions in London and throughout the UK!

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