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Apr 17

What do Workers really want from their Office Space?

In an ideal world, where cost wasn’t a consideration, then maybe lots more companies would be following the examples set by forward-thinking, adventurous organisations such as Innocent and Google. We’d all have sleep pods, games zones, slides, beanbags and other ‘out there’ ideas to make the working day more fun. However, in the real world there aren’t many organisations that can stretch to those levels of innovative office design. So, what should the rest of us be doing to create an office space that our workers want to work in?

Workers Want Safe Office Space  

Health and safety naturally comes at the top of the list. Ensuring that your employees are safe and comfortable is the most important thing to consider. Does your office layout provide sufficient space for each team member? Do people have enough light? Have you supplied chairs and working areas that are comfortable, especially for staff who remain at their desks for long periods of time? Health and safety in the workplace should be the first thing you evaluate when weighing up what your staff need from you as an employer.

Workers Want Motivational Office Space

But, let’s take it one step further. If your office space does provide a safe haven for your workers, then it’s time to think about what else it offers. Is your working environment vibrant and motivational? Does your office design create an upbeat buzz that your staff will respond to? We all react either negatively or positively to our surroundings, so providing an environment that promotes positive feelings can have a directly positive impact on your business success. There are many ways to achieve this, through colour, décor, accessories, lighting and more. We can help you create a working environment that really works!

Workers Want a Space That Makes Them Feel Valued

All employees want to feel valued – this can of course be shown through their remuneration package, appraisal system, staff awards, promotion opportunities and more. But to make each and every staff member feel valued all day, every day then why not redesign your offices to show your whole workforce that you care. You don’t have to work from a blank canvas if you don’t want to – there are lots of ways to improve your existing design without breaking the bank. Investing in office design can pay dividends in the long run with improvements in staff morale and productivity as well as impressing clients and potential hires.

If you know it’s time to give your workers what they really want, but you’re unsure where to start, then contact our expert office design team at Zentura today. We can work to your budgets and timescales to create a working environment that really reflects your business ethos.