Jan 21

What Millenials want from the Workplace

It’s predicted that by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be made up of Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996. Millennials are the first digitally-native generation, growing up with technology and the proliferation of the internet. But how do you work out what Millenials want from the workplace to perform?

Growing up with the internet, social media and easier access to higher education has given Millennials a different view of the world. Through this lens of competition, connectivity and comparison, the Millennial generation is certainly more demanding in their requirements and ideals.  

Whereas the baby boomer generation were typically happy working for a steady paycheck, Millennials want more instant gratification, purpose and clear values from the organisation they work for.

How to attract and keep Millennials in the workplace

Results Only Workplace Environment

ROWE, Results Only Workplace Environment, is a workplace concept that really fits with the Millennials ideals of freedom and being treated as an individual.

In ROWE, employees can work whenever and wherever they prefer, provided they meet their workload and deliver the results. This means each employees’ working day can look quite different. Giving away that control means employees are in the driving seat, able to work where and when they are most productive, balance the other aspects of their lives and overall be more incentivised.


Growth Opportunities

Millennials compare themselves to each other like never before, with social media giving a false narrative to their friends and colleagues lives, Millennials feel a climate of competition and one-upmanship that permeates into their everyday life.

Their career is no exception to this, with sites like LinkedIn making it very easy to see all the professional achievements of their network. They want growth and they want it now. Whereas previous generations may have been happy with an annual bonus, Millennials want to know their career trajectory is always on the up. This means regular progress reviews, targets, training and rewards. This is perhaps the most important factor in what Millenials want from the workplace.



Improve internal communications

Millennials are used to constant and personalised connectivity, and this level of communication is something they expect from their organisation. They have a hunger for information and want to stay in the loop. Businesses that adopt real-time internal communications will meet the Millennials expectation of this constant communication and feedback.

Millennials expect to be informed and involved at every level, and are curious for information that might have only been privy to board members in generations past. The state of the business, its financials and future strategy, are all aspects that Millennials appreciate being involved in. Consider bringing your team more into the loop on these matters, and see how their buy-in and drive to help the business succeed increases.


Design for individuals

Even with remote working and ROWE, the office still has a purpose as a much-needed retreat from home where employees can focus and work productively without distraction.

As mentioned, what Millenials want from the workplace is to be treated as an individual, so this is an important consideration in your office design. Zoning your office into different areas is a good solution, catering for the different work styles and tasks that your employees have. A mix of both open plan and private pod areas is most beneficial, allowing employees to choose the zone that works best for them in that particular moment. Your Millennial employees won’t be happy tied to the same desk and stationary computer, laptops and hotdesking are the expectation for this age group.

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