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Feb 18

The Corporate Vs The Funky Workplace

We all have a general idea of what the average office workplace looks like.  When we say average, we may likely be thinking bland, neutral, boring and fit-for-purpose – the office of old, the 90s model.  Things have moved on in the past twenty to thirty years, however, meaning that our misconceptions of what the average office should look like is perhaps a little behind the times.  What’s considered more contemporary than ever, of course, is the ‘funky’ workspace – a workspace that isn’t really an office at all – leading with vivid colours, home comforts and more besides – and while standards such as these may be welcomed with open arms by some staff and management representatives, we need to consider what works best on a practical level, too.

The corporate office ideal of old is practical, sensible and – let’s face it – rather boring.  Fixed desks, fixed partitions and storage units – they all work to a certain end but they are hardly inspiring on a day to day basis!  What you can do with the corporate look is to mould the standard to your own branding, colours or ethos – the modern corporate office is transparent, clean and inspiring to work in, on the whole, though some brands and companies may find the idea of this kind of workspace rather stuffy.  The more outlandish of brands – you know who you are – may wish to go completely left-field instead.

The ‘funky’ office was inspired by movements started by the likes of Google – instead of fixed workstations and inflexible office seating, soft beanbags and laptops came into vogue – as did more outlandish office designs such as custom-shaped desks, transparent partitions and more besides.  These types of office installation can work extremely well for the right business or brand – but when you are considering an office refurbishment or refit in the name of freeing up storage or boosting productivity, leading with a few of the more popular ideas from corporate office design is likely to be worthwhile.

It’s therefore always important to consider looking at blending together several ideas to ensure that you get the best of both worlds for your staff’s productivity and morale – you don’t have to go full corporate or full funky – find a rhythm that is all your own, one which sells your brand and inspires your team to be the very best at what they do.

Business image created by Freepik