Office Interior Design & Space Planning
Sep 16

Space Planning

Let our expert office design team work with you to demonstrate the many innovative, efficient and attractive ways that we can make your work space work for you.

Whether you’re revisiting office space you already occupy, or viewing potential new commercial premises, planning your space to benefit your business is imperative. Our experienced designers will assess your needs, gathering information that will enable them to create plans to enhance your business productivity and flow, as well as maximise the square footage available to you.

Space planning isn’t just about layout – there is much more to be considered. Office furniture design has moved on leaps and bounds over recent years, offering employers cleverly constructed, multi-purpose pieces that offer space savings and visual appeal.

The way your business operates is also crucial to how you plan your space. Do you offer agile working, flexible working or hot desks to your staff? If so, your need for space per employee should be revisited. There are regulations regarding the amount of space an employee must be allocated in the workplace that must be considered – our experienced designers will of course adhere to these guidelines in their plans.

Office space, wherever you’re located, is a costly overhead for any business. Making that space work effectively is something that warrants serious consideration. Here at Zentura we can help to establish if your current space has potential or if you need to consider an office relocation. Our input will save you time, money and in the long run ensure your workspace is future proofed, allowing scope to grow with your business.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and desired results.