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Jul 17

Reflecting Your Business’s Cultural Characteristics In An Office Redesign

Communicating the cultural characteristics of your business to your employees, clients, prospective clients, suppliers and visitors is crucial if you expect them to understand and embrace your business’s beliefs and principles. It’s easy to write down your cultural characteristics and ensure that staff read them as part of their induction, but it is likely that these will be forgotten, or at least diluted, over time. Plus, how do you let the rest of the world know what your company is really all about?

An office redesign is the perfect solution to evidence your cultural characteristics clearly and consistently. If you have multiple offices, ensuring that each site reflects the same core company cultures is key.

By utilising office design, your preferences and ideals surround your employees on a daily basis. Visitors are made aware of the type of business you are from the moment they enter your building. You’re eradicating the need for lengthy explanations and instead you’re proudly putting your messages out there for all to see.

When staff attend interviews or prospective clients come for meetings, they get an instant feel for your cultural characteristics through your office design, so make sure it’s reflecting a true picture.

If you encourage your team to be creative, forward thinking and brave in their endeavours, then your office environment needs to shout these messages from the rooftop too. You can’t expect creativity and innovation in a dull, boring and traditional style office. Break the mould and show your staff exactly how bold you want them to be by redesigning your offices to ooze creativity and originality.

If one of your company philosophies is to respect and preserve the environment, then your offices need to show you care too. Consider the materials you use, the artwork you display, the products you buy and how your source them – are these all aligned with your business’s cultural characteristics?

Embracing local cultures within your office design is a positive strategy too – it can help employees and visitors feel welcomed and appreciated in your workplace.

Creating an environment that truly reflects your business’s beliefs can have a huge impact on how others adopt and embrace your values. It’s great to say that you’re an innovative organisation but you need to show it too. It’s all well and good to tell people you value your employees, but now prove it.

Our expert office design team takes the time to really understand your company and each of its cultural characteristics, working to transform them into office designs that really reflect your ethos. From the use of artwork, furniture, lighting, plants, layout, colour schemes and more, we can work with you to create an office redesign that gives you that extra edge, making your organisation ‘the one’ people want to work with and work for.

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