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Nov 17

Reducing Clutter in the Workplace – Can It Be Done?

One of the most popular reasons for wanting to revitalise or revamp an office space is actually very practical – to reduce clutter in the workplace and better utilise the space.  While many firms and businesses are perhaps more keen to look at revamping their general aesthetic (such as colours, materials, branding and so forth) – there’s so much to be said for reducing the amount of storage you use in just a few simple tweaks.  Reducing clutter in your workspace could be done as easy as making space for new storage solutions – or, of course, moving physical data off-site entirely.

Clutter reduction is all about working out which data and services are essential to the day-to-day running of your firm.  Therefore, it’s probably a good idea first and foremost to undergo something of a spring clean.  Many offices and workspaces still focus on retaining most of their documents and records in physical format despite the digital revolution – is there any way you can safely and securely upload your physical documents and data into a digital, cross-platform format so that it can be safely accessed and read at a later date?  It has to be said – any way in which you can transform old physical media into a more flexible and palatable digital platform is certainly worthwhile.

From a more physical, workspace-focused angle, it’s time to consider just how much desk you actually use.  Wide desk spaces and fixed units are, on the whole, clutter magnets.  Intelligent filing and storage units will help you to keep your work units clear from unnecessary bulk clutter and will likely free up elbow room for you while you’re undertaking any essential work.  However, you should also remain fairly open to keeping a high volume of personal knick-knacks away from your desk – as this form of clutter may be pleasing at times, but it can be extremely distracting.

On top of this, you can safely reduce the storage and space you waste and increase your room management by rethinking your workspace identity completely.  Consider your entire office floor from the very top – which elements are essential for productivity and morale?  Are there any elements that encourage clutter, negative behaviour or even poor performance?  Beyond this – be ruthless.  Remove anything unnecessary and rebuild from the start.  Never be afraid to rethink your office plan – as when it comes to clutter, nothing is more effective at dragging your productivity and morale down.    A clutter-free environment makes way for increased productivity and creativity.

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