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Oct 17

5 Ways to Reduce your Office Costs

There are many ways to reduce your everyday office running costs – some even provide additional efficiency and environmental benefits too. Find out more with Zentura.

1) Paper, Paper, Paper!

We’ve all heard of the ‘ideal’ paper free office concept, but in most sectors it’s not a viable idea. Seriously reducing the volume of paper your workplace uses however, can be done! This not only provides direct cost saving benefits by reducing your stationery bill, but in turn it decreases your printing costs, electricity bill and more. It also shows you are a green-thinking organisation, which will impress your employees and clients too. There are many ways to reduce paper usage from printer settings being set to double-sided printing or reusing waste paper for scrap pads and other purposes. Adding reminders such as “do you really need to print this email?” to staff email signatures can also prompt people to think twice before clicking print! To add to your environmentally friendly efforts, why not make it company policy to only order recycled paper?

2) Lights Out!

Lighting is another costly overhead in an office environment. As well as the electricity bill; bulbs, LEDs and strip lights are not cheap to replace. Timed light switches are a great way to ensure that you’re not lighting up rooms that aren’t in use. They can be installed in areas such as cloakrooms, stationery cupboards, printing rooms and more. Sensor lighting is another great way to cut some costs ensuring that areas that aren’t in constant use are only lit up when occupied. If your office space still has traditional lighting installed, switching to LED or energy saving light bulbs can help to significantly cut electricity costs too.

3) Annually Audit your Suppliers

It’s easy to set up an arrangement with a supplier and simply let it run, year after year. Whether it’s your mobile phone provider, insurance broker, stationery supplier or any of your utility providers – it’s important to assess your annual overheads. Taking the time to try and renegotiate the terms of your agreement each year can lead to significant contractual and cost improvements. If you don’t ask – you don’t get! These suppliers are operating in a competitive marketplace, so make sure they’re offering your business the very best deal.

4) Stay in Control

It’s important to consider who is controlling things in your workplace? From your purchase order systems to access to the air conditioning controls – it’s crucial you remain in control. It’s easy for costs to spiral out of control when staff can make decisions that aren’t managed or monitored. Do they really need to order that expensive new desk chair? Has anyone authorised the order or tried to improve on the price they’ve been quoted? Make sure you have systems and processes in place that prevent a free for all.

5) Utilising your Space

Are you effectively utilising every inch of your office space or do you have dead space that is costing you money? The way your office is designed and set out can impact the efficiency of your operation and wasting space can be a costly mistake. With some office design improvements, could you free up some space that could be sub-let to achieve an additional income for your business? It’s worth taking a look around and considering how efficiently and effectively your expensive square footage is being used.

At Zentura, we assist many clients with improving their office design, enabling them to increase internal efficiency and free up space for other purposes. If you’ve not considered how your office layout could make you more money, then contact us today – we can help.