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Nov 16

The Politics of Space in an Office – How to be Diplomatic

Let’s be honest, working out who sits where in a shared office, and who gets the biggest desk or most amount of office space can be stressful and potentially could cause a lot of upset within the ranks, especially if you’re relocating into exciting new premises! Even if you’re not sharing offices, and everybody gets the same amount of space, there can still be a great amount of politics involved in office space, and this can either become a wedge issue, or lead to a harmonious team. When you have multiple staff members giving their opinions and laying claim to office space, how do you design your office space fairly and effectively? How should you be diplomatic, but fair?

Should the most senior member of staff get the biggest office or the best view? What about those who aren’t office based every day, but still require workspace? And how do you arrange staff to avoid personality issues or distractions?

Well, don’t panic – we’re here to help. As an independent office design company, we can take all the politics and personality out of your office design, resulting in a layout that is efficient and productive. You avoid any unnecessary stress because you don’t need to make the decisions about who sits where – it can be outsourced to professionals!

We will consider workflow and productivity, job roles, time spent within the office, acoustics, storage, security and much more. Our office design experts will look at your organisational needs and create an office design layout that benefits your business.

The end result will not only boost productivity but our designers will ensure that your office space looks impressive and inviting too. Cleverly designed office space that is aesthetically pleasing can have a positive impact on staff morale, which can only be a good thing.

To find out more and avoid the worry of trying to please everyone, contact Zentura today!