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Oct 16

How to Plan a Successful Office Relocation

If you’re sure that now is the right time to relocate your business, let us make sure you do it right.

If you have found the perfect new commercial premises to house your operation and allocated a realistic budget to cover the cost of the relocation, then the next step is to ensure the move itself causes minimal disruption and stress. Relocating to new premises is a positive move for your business and we want to ensure it is a positive experience too.

It is vital to remember that an office relocation, regardless of size, is a major project. There are many factors to be considered and all whilst you’re still running your business. Expert advice can save you time, money and a lot of headaches. Minor oversights can lead to costly downtime, so enlist the help of an office relocation company with a proven track record and remain focused on the day-to-day running of your business, ensuring consistency and stability for your staff and clients.

Our office relocation team will work in partnership with you to prepare your new premises, taking into account factors that are often overlooked, such as space planning, office acoustics, colour psychology, production flow, individual departmental needs, sustainability, environmental impact, security and more. Our team’s expertise will make sure that your business doesn’t suffer any downtime due to technical issues. Our comprehensive plans will track a smooth and successful office relocation with contingency strategies at the ready to cover any last minute changes or issues.

We appreciate that you and your team are the experts when it comes to running your business – let our expertise support you during your office relocation, resulting in an efficient and well-organised transition to your new, well-deserved working environment.

In addition to assisting with the move itself, we can provide advice and guidance regarding sourcing the best possible furniture for your new office – introducing you to some modern, multi-purpose pieces that are revolutionising office space across the world.

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