Greenery - Pantone colour of the year 2017
Mar 17

Pantone Colour of the Year and how to use it in the Workplace

Last year’s Pantone colours of the year – Rose Quartz and Serenity – focused on mindfulness and stress reduction; this year, Pantone seem to have stuck with the same focus of reducing stress, but with an entirely different shade. The much awaited Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is… GREENERY PANTONE 15-0343 as announced by the Pantone Colour Institute. To check out this fresh, vibrant shade of green, please see

When considering colour schemes in the workplace, whether for corporate branding or office décor, it is important to understand what each colour enforces. For example, the colour red is considered to be an exciting and stimulating colour, therefore suited to an upbeat or fast paced office environment – maybe a busy sales office. Whereas white tends to instill a sterile and clean environment and is therefore commonly used in the medical sector.

How does Greenery affect your eyes?

Green sits in the very centre of the visible light spectrum, with red on one side and violet on the other. For a long time green has been seen as a restful colour that is easy to look at and can thus create a relaxing atmosphere. Donald Laird, in 1933, studied fatigue and how to fight it, and noted that being in a green atmosphere can reduce tiredness.

Where to use Greenery

Where should we be using our calming, natural, lush green Pantone Colour of the Year in the workplace? Well, green is often thought to represent balance and harmony. It is classed as an emotionally positive colour and instills feelings of safety. In the workplace green is often used as a main wall colour to create a calm and relaxed environment, reducing employee stress and anxiety. Consequently, if you have a department or breakout area in your workplace that could benefit from a more tranquil atmosphere, then Greenery is the perfect choice for you.

Green is also heavily connected to nature and new beginnings so if you’re considering an office refit or refurbishment this spring or summer, certain shades of green, especially the refreshing shade of Pantone Greenery 15-0343, could be the perfect addition to your office colour scheme.

The correct use of colours throughout the workplace can impact employee productivity and morale. The expert office design team here at Zentura can help to advise you regarding the most effective colours to enhance your working environment. So, if you’re already considering an office refresh and want to be sure you get every aspect of your new design right, contact us today.

Photo courtesy of Pantone