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Sep 16

Office Plants

Office design and décor in the 21st century goes way beyond the colours on the walls and the style of your furniture. There is so much more to be considered. From choosing the right colour scheme to benefit the mood of your staff to adding accessories such as plants to your workspace. Plants don’t just

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Tollgate Partnership Office Furniture
Aug 16

Use of Colour in Office Workspaces

Did you know that research has shown that colours can not only impact our moods, but also affect our behaviour and stress levels? With that in mind, the colour scheme throughout your workspaces warrants some serious thought, consideration and expert input. Certain colours are often associated with certain things… For example, red is often used

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Aug 16

Co-Working Office Space

As the cost of commercial office space continues to rise, individuals and businesses are finding a workable solution and joining those that are already enjoying the many benefits of co-working office space. This cost effective, flexible and sociable solution eliminates the need to commit to office space that your business isn’t quite yet ready to

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co-working space
Jul 16

Locker Systems

Locker systems in the workplace provide more than just an effective storage solution where your staff can neatly keep their belongings. They also give added security to reduce the chance of loss or theft. When personal items are lost or stolen in a working environment, sorting out the issue can be timely and costly. The

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Locker Systems
Jul 16

London Commercial Property News

Despite many organisations being in favour of the current flexible working trend, allowing employees to work from home, work flexible hours and connect using the many communication tools now available to us, investment in London commercial property is on the rise*. Whilst many companies still choose to be located in central London, there is also

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London skyline
Jun 16

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Do you need a little or a lot? When it comes to choosing new premises or calculating how many employees can work from your existing premises, it is important to follow the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations. With the rising cost of commercial premises, especially in London and the South East, it is also

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Office space
Jun 16

Our Favourite Pieces from Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Having been amazed by the incredible designs showcased at the recent Clerkenwell Design Week 2016, we wanted to share with you our favourite 5 pieces of inspirational furniture design that blew us away!   Hide Acoustic Pod from Frovi These stunning and luxurious seating pods offer the perfect acoustics for making calls or mobile working.

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clerkenwell logo
May 16

The Difference Between Cat A & Cat B Office Fit Outs

As with any industry, the office fit out, refurbishment and relocation sector has its own selection of industry terminology that can be confusing to those not familiar with the project phases that take place. We would like to explain, in good old plain English, what these terms mean, their difference and how they affect office

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CAT A Office