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Feb 17

6 Reasons to Redesign your Office in 2017

When was the last time your office received a refresh, revamp or complete redesign? Is the outdated layout causing you headaches? Is the tired furniture an eyesore? Are your offices portraying the right impression to your clients and staff? Maybe 2017 is the year for a change… We’ve compiled 6 reasons that will make you

Feb 17

Great ways to make an office more environmentally friendly

It’s always good to consider the many ways in which you can make your working environment more environmentally friendly. Reducing your carbon footprint not only benefits the environment, but can benefit your bottom line too. Furthermore, taking care of the environment is important for businesses, as staff are increasingly ethically minded and appreciate their companies

Environmentally friendly office
Jan 17

How can Office Space Impact on Employee Morale?

Our surroundings can have a massive impact on how we feel and behave, therefore making sure your working environment is a positive one is crucial to employee morale. Designing and creating a workspace that boosts the morale of your team can have multiple knock on effects on your business…. A happy workforce is a more

Office Environment
Dec 16

Which is More Important – A Beautiful Office or a Practical One?

There are many situations in life where we come up against the beauty versus practicality dilemma. The stunning sports car or the saloon with the sensible boot space? In some situations you do of course have to make a choice, but when it comes to office design, achieving both is easier than you think. In

spacestor office
Oct 16

Small Office Design Ideas

When your office is small and you’re limited on space, being creative with that space is what counts. Our office fit out design experts can help you maximise every inch, creating a productive workspace that looks great too! We don’t see limited space as an obstacle, but as a challenge that allows us to be

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Office Flooring
Oct 16

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Many business owners and homeowners are amazed by the impressive energy efficiency and cost savings they are achieving thanks to switching to LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting. The main benefit of LED lighting is the reduced power consumption, which leads to electricity cost savings of around 70%*. When considering the mass of lighting required in commercial

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Office Lighting
Sep 16

Space Planning

Let our expert office design team work with you to demonstrate the many innovative, efficient and attractive ways that we can make your work space work for you. Whether you’re revisiting office space you already occupy, or viewing potential new commercial premises, planning your space to benefit your business is imperative. Our experienced designers will

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Office Interior Design & Space Planning