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Nov 17

Reducing Clutter in the Workplace – Can It Be Done?

One of the most popular reasons for wanting to revitalise or revamp an office space is actually very practical – to reduce clutter in the workplace and better utilise the space.  While many firms and businesses are perhaps more keen to look at revamping their general aesthetic (such as colours, materials, branding and so forth)

clean working space
Aug 17

Why Choose Glass Partitions For Your Office?

It is sometimes difficult for organisations to find the right balance within their office design. There always seems to be a compromise. Practicality versus aesthetics. Open plan versus individual offices. Contemporary versus traditional. Cost versus style. Communication versus privacy. There’s so much to choose from! Glass partitioning and glass walls provide flexible solutions that mean

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Glass Partition in Office
Jul 17

Have you considered a movable wall system for your office?

Working environments these days are becoming more fluid, with an increased need for operational flexibility.  A movable wall not only provides increased adaptability to expediently divide or expand a room, it can improve the appearance of your office too. Office partitions are now available in a wide variety of finishes and styles, complementing any working

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movable wall
Jul 17

Reflecting Your Business’s Cultural Characteristics In An Office Redesign

Communicating the cultural characteristics of your business to your employees, clients, prospective clients, suppliers and visitors is crucial if you expect them to understand and embrace your business’s beliefs and principles. It’s easy to write down your cultural characteristics and ensure that staff read them as part of their induction, but it is likely that


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