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Jan 19

How to Use Smart Office Design to Improve Employee Safety

There’s nothing more important than the well-being of your employees if you want to operate an efficient and productive business. Your employees are, after all, the gears that turn the machine and will ultimately help you produce quality products and offer meaningful services to your customers. Their safety is the top priority and if you

Work Safety
Oct 18

Could the wrong office design alienate employees?

The simple answer is yes, but let’s expand on this idea and make sure that you know why this can be an issue and what type of office design causes problems here. We know that when you run a business, you will have a variety of desires for your office environment. You want to make

Oct 18

How To Attract the Best Talent to Your Organisation

Without good employees, your business is going nowhere. It’s as simple as that. Yet while most of us know this fact, many companies still struggle to find the right people to fill their positions. Attracting top talent is about putting yourself in job seeker’s shoes and tailoring your recruiting efforts to what they want. In

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group of colleagues talking
Dec 17

Can You Design Your Own Office Space?

Getting office design just right for your business can be fairly tricky. After all, there’s whole host of different factors you’re going to need to try and keep in mind and in balance.   You’re not only going to need to think about practicality – meaning that storage and manoeuvrability should be a prime focus

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