Aug 17

Office Relocation or Refurbishment? Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Whether you employ 10 staff or 500 staff, deciding whether to relocate or refurbish your offices can be a big decision for any employer. There are lots of factors to be taken into consideration, including cost, office disruption, location, accessibility for staff and clients, staff preferences, and future growth. Is it best for you to stay or go?

Here at Zentura, our experienced design team has been involved with numerous office relocations and refurbishments, supporting businesses of all types and sizes to maximise and enhance their working environments. The majority of our refurbishments take place in central London, giving us a unique understanding of how to work with office spaces in high rise buildings, often with less square footage than our clients initially think they need. We have compiled some of our expertise to help you weigh up the pros and cons between relocating or refurbishing your current business premises.

So, let’s consider your motivation for moving.

Do you need more space due to business growth and additional staff?

If space is your only consideration then office relocation isn’t your only option – whilst it is still viable. Refurbishing your existing offices can often free up space and make more effective use of the space you already occupy. An office redesign proposal often shocks our clients, enabling them to see the potential that their existing premises have to offer, if the space is used thoughtfully.

If space really is a problem, as it can be in many smaller London offices, you could utilise offsite storage facilities in order to provide more desk space by clearing out files and other items that don’t need to be accessed frequently by employees.

A further, much more unusual, way that we could potentially increase office space is to add mezzanine levels for storage.

In addition to unlocking more desk space and revamping the aesthetics of your working environment, productivity can also be improved thanks to an office redesign project.

Is your location restricting your business in any way?

If your business has grown or adapted and your current premises are restricting your continued business success then office relocation is a wise choice. Often, the top talent in The City and surrounding areas expect a certain level of quality from their work surroundings. Consequently, you might be failing to entice these people to work for you purely because your office is not up to scratch. If it is simply a décor problem, then this can be remedied with office refurbishment; however, if the talent pool is restricted because of the positioning of your office, then you may want to consider an office relocation.

Another reason for relocating your office, is lease and occupational costs. Certain office blocks are more expensive to rent in than others, especially in large cities. If the cost per square foot is rising beyond what your business can afford, then your ability to turn a profit may be restricted by your surroundings. This would be a case where office relocation should be considered.

Is your existing building listed in any way, restricting you from making certain changes and improvements? If you’re coming up against any of these issues, then relocation is the way to go. By utilising a professional office relocation and fit out company to assist with your move, office relocation doesn’t need to be as stressful or disruptive as you might think. The benefits will enable your company to flourish, so don’t be put off by the thought of the upheaval.

Who are you trying to impress?

Are you offering a state of the art product or service, operating from dated premises? Are you supplying a prestigious target market from dull and dingy offices? Do you require showroom space or meeting facilities to impress potential clients?

If your premises or office design does not match how you want your business to be perceived then a relocation or refurbishment could help to enhance your reputation. Even unattractive office spaces in old buildings can be refurbished to impress – transforming premises to create a WOW factor that will ensure your clients remember their visit for all the right reasons. Alternatively, relocation can provide the space, style and exact location that your business really needs. We can help you to assess the most cost-effective solution, ensuring you make the right decision.

Sometimes, businesses feel the need to relocate or refurbish simply to allow for a fresh start. Relocation or refurbishment can be a great way to breathe new life into a company and its staff, helping to improve the morale of everyone by giving them a new environment to work in, and improving their motivation to succeed in beautiful new surroundings.

Investing in your business to aid planned growth and expansion is key. There are endless statistics to show how a working environment can impact employee productivity, morale and wellbeing, so providing the right environment for your staff is essential.

If you are considering refurbishing or relocating your business due to business growth, contact Zentura to find out exactly how we can assist.