Tollgate Partnership Office Furniture
Sep 16

Office Plants

Office design and décor in the 21st century goes way beyond the colours on the walls and the style of your furniture. There is so much more to be considered. From choosing the right colour scheme to benefit the mood of your staff to adding accessories such as plants to your workspace.

Plants don’t just look attractive. There is research to show that adding plants to your office space can offer other benefits too. They are known to reduce stress, therefore improving wellbeing and productivity. A study carried out by Dr Chris Knight at Exeter University concluded that employees were 15% more productive when houseplants were added to their working environment.* A 15% increase in productivity from such an inexpensive investment must make perfect sense to any business.

The addition of plants to an office also improves air quality, which has been shown to have a positive impact on concentration levels and general health, therefore helping to reduce sickness leave.

The colour green is said to be calming, and it is often used in commercial colour schemes to reduce stress levels and anxiety. It can also be an inspiring colour. Therefore, the addition of green plants at work can also help to improve staff wellbeing.

Let’s be honest – plants simply look nice too. They can soften the appearance of a working environment and be a welcoming addition to almost any space.

When positioned correctly, larger plants can be used to separate working areas and act as noise barriers, improving office acoustics too. As with all other elements of office design, choosing the right size, style and type of plant is crucial.

At Zentura, our design team have researched and managed numerous plant installations for many of our clients across the UK. To find out how their expertise could help you add the right greenery to your workspace, contact us today.