plants in the office
Jan 18

Office Design Choices to Look For in 2018

With the new year upon us, it is time to consider whether your office design requires a rethink.  But how are you to know exactly what will be considered practical and aesthetically pleasing in 2018? There are choices to be made. Here at Zentura, we keep our fingers on the pulse at all times to get the lowdown on what businesses, consumers and employees are looking to get from creative, inspiring workspaces for months and even years ahead – and here are just a few ideas we are certain will make a big splash in office design this year:

Working Together, Emphasised

The breaking down of physical barriers and partitions has been ongoing for a while now, but this theme will really take flight in the year to come.  Architecture is set to break down and evolve around the idea of collaborative working – allowing two or more people to work together on projects to pool resources, skills and expertise to accomplish a common goal.  This means aiming for more open, inspiring workspaces through implications such as collaborative working zones and open plan office layouts.   Teamwork should not be hindered by architecture and this is only going to become more prevalent during 2018.

The Healthy Workplace

Health and safety audits have been around in the workplace since year dot – but in 2018, a significant push for offices to focus on general wellness – whether through on-site gyms, standing desks, practical break timetables or an abundance of greenery – meaning that all good, contemporary workplaces will have the health and wellbeing of their operatives at the forefront of their ethos going forward.

Greenery and Nature

The healthy workplace ties in with a focus on greenery and nature, too – which will also be prevalent in 2018.  During 2017 office planting and floristry saw a large increase in popularity.   It’s not surprising with the many benefits that office planting has to offer including increased productivity, noise reduction and reduced stress.  With the average person spending 90% of their time indoors, they are exposed to up to ten times more pollutants whilst in a sealed office environment compared to the air outside.  Office plants improve the air quality by removing harmful pollutants resulting in reduced sickness and absence.   The increase of nature in the office shows no signs of stopping this year.

Home Comforts

Google might have kicked off the idea of a comfy office with their game-changing beanbag workspaces back in the day, but the idea of bringing home comforts to work will continue to perpetuate in office design throughout 2018.  The idea of bringing home comfort into work is based on the thought that it stands to inspire our efficiency and the amount of care we genuinely take in our workload.  We’ll also be considering the importance of colour in office design – whether to mimic warm, homely colours or to push forward subtle branding and ethos.

Technology and AI – Incorporated

Tech is becoming easier and easier to manipulate and incorporate into our routines – and the same will go for the inner workings of our offices and workspaces.  Artificial intelligence is growing in sophistication and take-up, too – so don’t be surprised to see more than a few automated processes taking a big leap in the office design sector next year.

Unconventional – But Cutting Costs

Office design in 2018 is set to get more cost-effective – while at the same time thinking drastically outside of the box.  Bright colours, moveable partitions, creative and social reworking of the stuffy, corporate aesthetics of old are set to sweep across the country this year – some are calling it the Millennial influence.  A focus on employee happiness and comfort as well as on upskilling existing employees to become multi-talented operatives will absolutely be on the cards for the year ahead.

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