May 16

Achieving Safe & Sound Acoustics

Open plan offices, housing just a few staff to hundreds of employees, can provide a cost effective and productive workspace for businesses across a range of sectors. Many office design and fit out companies can create an open plan office layout that considers your process flows and business requirements, whilst complimenting your business brand and ethos. But, will they have taken into account the acoustics of the end design once filled with busy workers?

Here at Zentura, our experienced designers factor in each and every aspect of your working environment, including the all-important and often overlooked acoustics. Providing advice and guidance with regard to desk and seating layouts, sound levels and direction, plus office furniture such as privacy screens, we will work with you to overcome obstacles and deliver an end result that works for each and every member of your team.

By carrying out an initial evaluation, we can assess existing issues and offer solutions. Whether we are fitting out a new office or revamping existing office space, our designers pay attention to detail from a practical and aesthetic perspective.

Depending on your business type, you may have hundreds of employees within one open plan area all speaking on the telephone at once. They need the ability to hear clearly without interruption, so the correct workstation layout and sound barriers are crucial.

Alternatively, a large space with fewer workers may cause sounds to echo and reverberate, also resulting in poor acoustics and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Achieving the right workplace acoustics undoubtedly makes a huge difference to your office environment and the productivity of your staff.

Julian Treasure, Acoustics Expert claims that trying to perform knowledge-based tasks in a space in which other people’s conversations are clearly audible is difficult. He stated that: “Productivity can be degraded by up to two thirds.”

Silent offices are obviously not an option for most businesses and even silence can be found to be oppressive and cause a negative impact on productivity. So, what’s the answer?

As with many things, it comes down to getting the balance right. Providing quieter areas for those whose roles depend on intense concentration and creating the right ambient level of noise throughout the other more communicative areas of the office. We pay particular attention to sound direction and individual job roles – locating staff in the right zone to provide privacy and quiet or free flow communication with colleagues.

We can suggest, design and deliver exactly what your business needs when it comes to office design and workplace effectiveness. We can maximise space, offer energy efficiency improvements, overcome site challenges and ensure that your staff find themselves coming to work in an environment that is safe and sound!

We work on projects of all sizes, within London and across the UK, so contact us today to sound us out and discuss your requirements.