movable wall
Jul 17

Have you considered a movable wall system for your office?

Working environments these days are becoming more fluid, with an increased need for operational flexibility.  A movable wall not only provides increased adaptability to expediently divide or expand a room, it can improve the appearance of your office too.

Office partitions are now available in a wide variety of finishes and styles, complementing any working environment. You can choose from glass sliding walls to allow for more light or acoustic materials to aid with soundproofing. Your movable walls can be motorised, retracting horizontally or vertically. These versatile room dividers now have aesthetic appeal as well as practical merits.

So, when you need a large meeting room to accommodate a client visit or large staff training session for example– your office space can be transformed to give you the vast expanse you require. On the flip side, large areas can easily be divided up into smaller, functional office spaces, providing privacy for your staff and reducing distractions to enhance their productivity.

Office partitions can be quickly installed with minimal disruption and little damage to your existing structure – making them a more viable option for many commercial property landlords than permanent walls. The addition of a movable wall eliminates the need for more intense building works, which can require planning permission and building regulations, and can mean that staff are unable to work in the office for a short period whilst the walls are being built. Consequently, these freestanding systems really do provide numerous advantages over permanent structural changes to your workplace.

Not forgetting the cost benefits! The installation of an office partitioning system can prove less costly than constructing permanent wall fixtures, so make sure you do your research before erecting permanent walls you may wish you could move.

At Zentura, our expert office design team can help you decide on the most beneficial office layout for your business, taking into account the need for flexibility and adaptability. Our knowledge and input could save you time and money, ensuring that you achieve the office space your business demands, both now and in the future.

Contact us to find out more about the possibility of incorporating a movable wall system in your office. Is it something you’ve considered?