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Jul 16

London Commercial Property News

Despite many organisations being in favour of the current flexible working trend, allowing employees to work from home, work flexible hours and connect using the many communication tools now available to us, investment in London commercial property is on the rise*.
Whilst many companies still choose to be located in central London, there is also a lot of activity taking place in other cities and regions across the UK. With so many cost-effective forms of communication, businesses now have more choice than ever before when it comes to locating their operations, making cost per square foot a huge deciding factor.
The investment rise in commercial property does however show that many employees still prefer to work from an office environment. Solitary working is not only incompatible with certain types of business, but also with certain people, with lots opting to remain office based.
It is also clear to see that office styles and designs are evolving with lots of exciting innovations in office furniture recently launched at CDW (Clerkenwell Design Week) 2016. We were inspired by the clever space solutions being showcased by manufacturers and by the numerous pieces of furniture designed to give privacy to individuals or groups within a busy office environment. Workspace design really is moving to the next level.
There are also incredible advances in workplace technology on the horizon that will automatically adapt working environments to employee’s individual needs, aimed to improve staff productivity, wellbeing and happiness**.
If you want to keep abreast of cutting-edge trends and find out more about the latest technology and solutions that are available to improve your workspace, productivity and staff wellbeing, contact us today.