Locker Systems
Jul 16

Locker Systems

Locker systems in the workplace provide more than just an effective storage solution where your staff can neatly keep their belongings. They also give added security to reduce the chance of loss or theft.

When personal items are lost or stolen in a working environment, sorting out the issue can be timely and costly. The collateral damage caused when people are unsure if a colleague or contractor has been involved in the theft of someone’s possessions can impact productivity and staff morale.

Give your staff peace of mind with a solution to safely and securely store their belongings whilst at work by investing in an appropriate locker system.

Locker systems are now more varied and tailored to specific needs than ever before. Modern systems are also more attractive than traditional style lockers, therefore adding to the aesthetics of your offices or communal staff areas. With options such as high gloss finishes and even locker systems with built in charging facilities for electrical devices, they really can enhance and benefit your working environment and your staff.

Locker security has moved on too, replacing keys with more sophisticated locking mechanisms such as key cards. High security systems can also be fitted with alarms.

With many people now opting to use their time before or after work, or during lunch breaks to participate in hobbies such as running or heading to the gym, the need for personal storage space at work is greater than ever before. Our mobile personal belongings are also costlier than they used to be so ensuring items such as tablets and kindles can be stored securely whilst at work is vital.

Strategies such as ‘agile working’ and ‘hot desking’ are also becoming more and more popular. These flexible approaches deliver many benefits, but can mean that employees no longer have ‘their space’ in which to store their belongings. For example, without a set desk per person, there are no desk drawers allocated to each individual. This makes locker systems an invaluable and practical tool for companies that embrace agile working.

If you have spent time and money creating a productive and impressive workspace for your staff, the last thing you want is people’s personal items strewn everywhere causing eyesores and health, safety and security headaches.

Speak with our expert design team and find out more about the options available to your business for modern, safe and secure office storage.