Selection of office chairs
Mar 17

Office Chairs – Keeping your employees comfortable.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Office workers are estimated to spend 65% – 75% of their working day sitting down!* With this in mind, making sure you are keeping your employees comfortable at their desks is important.

No one likes a pain in the bottom! Discomfort can not only cause employees to be less productive, but poor seating positions can lead to serious postural and health issues, affecting people’s morale and resulting in potential sick leave, too.

There has been lots of research regarding taking regular breaks from your desk and even considering standing desks, but if your staff are seated then you really should evaluate exactly what they’re sitting on.

There are now a huge variety of office chairs on the market, from kneeling chairs to ergonomically designed chairs specifically intended to reduce back pain. High back, low back, with or without arms, on wheels or static – how do you know which solution is best for your business and best for your team?

We are all built differently and therefore there may not be a ‘one size fits all’ answer. Height, weight, health, job role and many more factors can all impact the most suitable chair design for each individual. Here at Zentura, our experienced office designers have already taken the time to do their homework and can provide suggestions and solutions to offer your employees optimum comfort, whilst retaining a stylish look to enhance your office environment.

With so much choice and so many varying factors, it really is wise to consult the experts. Investing in the right input upfront could pay dividends further down the line.

Contact the Zentura office design team today to find out more.