natural light
Sep 17

The Importance of Natural Light at Work

Light can affect the human brain in many ways. Different lighting can impact our moods, decision making, productivity, concentration, sleep cycles and of course our eyes. So, what is the importance of having natural light in the workplace?

A study designed to examine the impact of daylight exposure on the health of office workers from the perspective of subjective wellbeing and sleep quality concluded that the “architectural design of office environments should place more emphasis on sufficient daylight exposure of the workers in order to promote office workers’ health and wellbeing.”* Their results showed that workers in windowless environments scored lower when judged for role productivity and sleep quality, indicating that light really does impact us and our ability to be productive.

When selecting office premises, those that offer plenty of natural light could also impact your business overheads, reducing the need for as much artificial light and therefore lowering lighting and electricity costs and improving your sustainability as well as your employees’ wellbeing.

When it comes to our general mood and well-being, simply being able to see the outside world can be therapeutic – especially on a beautiful day. Workers who don’t have access to natural light should be encouraged to take regular breaks to venture outside.

Often offices without external windows can feel more claustrophobic and oppressive so considering the design, lighting and layout of these types of environments is imperative. Creating a light and spacious feel, even without access to natural light, can help to compensate and improve working conditions.

When working on any office fit out or refurbishment project our experienced design team always places great emphasis on the most effective lighting. Lighting can vary from room to room, depending on the designated activity. We take into account brightness, style, location, energy efficiency, supply and running costs and more.

We can also assist with office redesign projects that enable your staff to maximise the amount of natural light available in your working environment. By re-evaluating your office layout, more staff could benefit from window seating, positioned carefully so as not to cause reflective screen glare.

Find out more regarding how Zentura can brighten and improve your office environment for the benefit of your staff.