Office space
Jun 16

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Do you need a little or a lot? When it comes to choosing new premises or calculating how many employees can work from your existing premises, it is important to follow the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations. With the rising cost of commercial premises, especially in London and the South East, it is also vital to maximise the space available to you, creating smart and effective office layouts that allow comfortable and practical work areas for your staff. Our design experts are highly skilled in constructing aesthetically pleasing working environments that cleverly utilise your available space.

Working with an experienced office fit out and refurbishment company will not only help you to make efficient use of the space available to you, therefore potentially saving you money by reducing the square footage required by your business, but it will also improve your overall office layout and process flows. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide fresh ideas and solutions regarding your office space, layout and furniture to design a working area that encompasses both space and cost saving ideas.

We keep track of the latest innovations when it comes to office furniture design, bringing modern and inspiring concepts to your working environment. Whilst it is essential to create a design that looks great and impresses your staff and clients, we never lose sight of the all-important practical aspects of office design, focusing on improvements relating to your process flows, office acoustics, use of zones and overall space.

To find out more about working with an office fit out and refurbishment company that can deliver proven cost savings and tangible improvements to your business, contact us today.