Environmentally friendly office
Feb 17

Great ways to make an office more environmentally friendly

It’s always good to consider the many ways in which you can make your working environment more environmentally friendly. Reducing your carbon footprint not only benefits the environment, but can benefit your bottom line too. Furthermore, taking care of the environment is important for businesses, as staff are increasingly ethically minded and appreciate their companies taking steps to protect the planet.

Simple changes, such as timer controller light switches, energy efficient or LED light bulbs, improved building insulation and encouraging staff to consider the benefits of a paperless office can all have a positive impact on the environment, whilst saving you money on a daily basis. Ikea are a perfect example of a business invested in being environmentally friendly – by the end of 2016, 232 of their buildings had been refitted with energy saving LED lighting and they use smart building management systems to improve energy efficiency in their main office in Sweden and some of their stores.

Promoting and implementing an active environmental policy throughout your company demonstrates to your employees and your clients that you are a socially responsible organisation, and that you take the time to make improvements where & when you can.

Recycling is key when it comes to your environmental considerations. From paper and packaging to printer cartridges and batteries, most items can be recycled responsibly; some even offer a residual value. Make it easy for your staff to recycle in your office with designated recycling points. There are specialist companies that will collect and responsibly recycle unwanted commercial items such as office furniture and IT equipment. When choosing a recycling supplier, always check that they are accredited and adhere to current legislation.

When working on an office design and refit the Zentura team takes into account environmental benefits and will suggest many ways in which design, décor, equipment and other ideas can tick both the environmentally friendly and cost saving boxes.

To find out more about how our professional office fit-out and refurbishment services can have a great and positive impact on your carbon footprint, contact us today. Going green really is the only way to go!