informal office meeting
May 17

Encourage Creativity with Informal Office Spaces

It’s evident that many sectors are becoming less and less formal in their business operations. Suits and ties are more unusual in an office environment than ever before. This relaxed and informal approach is spreading to office design too, with some astonishing results.

If you need your staff to be creative, inventive and innovative, then stifling them with uniforms, dress codes, rigid office designs and formality isn’t the way to go! Many forward-thinking companies are beginning to embrace the many benefits of informal office space.

From individual working areas to meeting rooms and communal breakout zones, changing things up from the ‘norm’ can breathe new life into your organisation. For example, work pods not only look modern and funky, but they provide a comfortable alternative to a traditional desk setup, with added privacy for concentration.

Question whether your company meetings need to be held around a meeting table in a boardroom that resembles a box. If you want your staff to think outside of the box, you may need to too. Would your staff feel more revived and inspired if you held your meetings informally? What about relaxed beanbags and sofas rather than chairs set around a table? Or do you have any outdoor areas at your premises you could utilise? If not, why not bring the outdoors in? Indoor Astroturf and plenty of plants can promote a feeling of wellbeing and positivity in the workplace.

To really enhance creativity some businesses are going one step further by including activities within the workplace that allow staff to recharge and think more clearly. From sleep pods to basketball hoops, breakout space that encourages fresh thinking is undoubtedly an up and coming trend in office design.

Building an office area that makes your employees feel excited about coming to work can only result in improved activity whilst they’re there. Is it time for your organisation to ditch the tradition and formalities and test the water with a new, fun and creative approach?

To find out more about revamping your offices or creating an informal working environment, contact Zentura today. Our expert office design team can get creative with your offices, helping to encourage more creative behaviour to take place within them