Oct 18

Could the wrong office design alienate employees?

The simple answer is yes, but let’s expand on this idea and make sure that you know why this can be an issue and what type of office design causes problems here.

We know that when you run a business, you will have a variety of desires for your office environment. You want to make sure that it is built to ensure high levels of productivity and maximize efficient work too. By doing this, you can keep costs low, and quality levels high which is going to improve the level of service that you can offer to customers. One of the ways that you can do this is to encourage groupthink and make sure that everyone feels connected in your company. If employees feel connected, they are likely going to work harder for you and your business. Groupthink will also ensure that the weakest ideas are eliminated, and the strongest solutions are always delivered. So, what type of office design can impact these types of results.

Separate Offices

Individual Offices with Glass Partition Walls by Zentura Office Design London

Separate offices may seem like a good idea because they provide employees with individual areas to work without disturbance. But you will be alienating them, and you may find that with individuals offices, there’s very little interaction at all. Instead, most of your workers should be out in a shared area while potentially you might have single offices that can be used for certain projects or when the need arises.

Cubicles And Separate Workstations

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Cubicles and separate workstations send the message to employees that they should not be communicating or interacting with one another. Instead, each employee will be closed off in their own little area unable to talk to one another. This is a mistake if you buy into the ‘two heads are better than one’ mindset. It could also lead to weaker final results simply because the workers won’t be in an environment where they can bounce ideas off one another.

Instead, you want shared, large desks with no walls or individual workstations at all. Again, you can have individual areas as an option, but the main level of work should be completed in these shared areas.

Desks Facing Walls

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You might have your desks positioned to face walls in your office, leaving employees staring mainly at a blank wall while working. It’s not a surprise that this can restrict interactions one more. Instead, you should be setting up your office so that employees are facing one another. By doing this, you can make sure that they can easily communicate and contact their colleagues in a way that is natural. You can also guarantee that they feel more connected and like a team with this type of set up.

Opaque Walls

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Finally, you might have different sections in your office environment. Consider glass walls and screens to separate these areas rather than opaque walls. Walls make different areas of the office feel completely detached whereas glass or transparent separator ensure it all looks and more importantly feels, connected.

Take this advice, and you can make sure you don’t have the wrong office design in your business as to alienate any employees.