Relocation Finance
May 17

Helping Employees to Cope with an Office Relocation

If you have chosen to relocate your offices then ensuring your employees cope well with the changes is vital. You don’t want to create a brand-new office space in a new place that staff don’t embrace and appreciate. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to help your staff feel happy and comfortable whilst making changes in the workplace.

1) Include your Team

To really get your employees on board with your office relocation plans, you need to give them a voice. Their input could be incredibly valuable in terms of sourcing some great ideas, but also to make them feel valued and part of the project. Staff involvement will create a positive attitude amongst your workforce towards the changes, which will help staff to be more accommodating and flexible during the transition period. The short-term interruption will provide multiple long-term gains, so make sure that your staff are aware of the benefits too.

2) Plan ahead

Planning ahead for your office relocation is key to its success. It’s no good starting the project during your busiest time of the year or when you’re about to take on a new large contract. Plan ahead so that your workload allows for the inevitable disruption that will ensue. Provide staff with added flexibility, especially if they need to change their travel plans. If you fail to plan ahead, then your employees may feel that the move is overwhelming and too stressful, and will consequently fail to get excited about the possibilities a new office can bring. It is of course important to try and retain ‘business as usual’ operations where possible, just with a little added contingency to allow for staff to settle into their new office space.

3) Understand the value of the experts

By opting to use a professional office fit out company to help you plan, execute and maximise your office relocation plans with new office design, you will eliminate a large amount of the stress and inconvenience often associated with these projects. Think of it this way – an experienced chef could create a complex meal with ease – it wouldn’t cause them too much worry and the end result would be amazing. If someone who doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen and has no formal training then tried to recreate the same meal (whilst juggling their day job at the same time), the process would be hard, stressful and laborious and the results would no doubt differ massively. Apply the same thought process to office relocation. Expert advice, knowledge and planning can significantly improve the efficiency and end results of any office relocation or refurbishment project.

At Zentura, our expert team can provide invaluable insights into your plans, adding value from many angles. Their specialist knowledge will offer suggestions and ideas you may not even have considered and their project planning experience will enable your project to cause minimal disruption to your staff and our business operations. When working with a professional office fit out company the project time and cost savings can be vast, the reduction in stress and disruption can be worth their weight in gold and the improved end results will be something you’ll be forever grateful for.

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