Aug 16

Use of Colour in Office Workspaces

Did you know that research has shown that colours can not only impact our moods, but also affect our behaviour and stress levels? With that in mind, the colour scheme throughout your workspaces warrants some serious thought, consideration and expert input.

Certain colours are often associated with certain things… For example, red is often used to flag danger. However, colour experts have established that colours can have a massive impact on human reactions, from increasing heart rates to improving positivity. Colour psychology is becoming a huge factor when it comes to decorating and designing commercial spaces.
Due to the particular moods and behaviours that can be triggered by certain colours, it is important to consider the possibility that different areas and departments within your business may benefit from different colours. Let’s look at some specific examples…

As mentioned above, red is often used to denote danger. As a strong, primary colour it is also associated with brain stimulation and excitement. In a working environment it would, therefore, be more suited to the characteristics required in a fast-paced, upbeat area of your business – a sales department for example.

Blue is a colour that represents calm, lowering stress levels and blood pressure. It often triggers thoughts of blue skies and the outdoors, so can be rewarding to those who may be required to spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Evidence has shown blue to be a colour that improves productivity too. However, be mindful that shade of the colour itself can alter the reactions it can cause.

Green is associated with nature and can create a positive response. However, be careful when it comes to the shade of green… Pale greens have been said to remind people of feeling ill. The right shade of green is said to inspiring and calming, so maybe suited to a creative area of your business.

Colour psychology, especially in the workplace, really is a complex subject. It is however being taken more and more seriously by designers and employers around the world. We appreciate that many organisations want their branded colours to be evident within their offices – here at Zentura, we can create designs and solutions that take into account company colours as well as the colours that will benefit your workforce and visitors.

If you would like some expert advice from our design team regarding how to colour code your office space correctly, then contact us today. Our experienced team can provide valuable insight, helping you to add the right colours through décor and furniture, whether you are relocating to new offices or refurbishing your existing premises. As a well-established and innovative office fit out, design and refurbishment company, we can work in partnership with you to successfully improve the overall appearance of your work-space and the moods of your employees!