May 17

Coffee Culture and the Modern Workplace

In most offices and work environments, workers and the desire to drink coffee go hand in hand. More than just providing a warm shot of energy, the coffee machine can be a social and even creative hub for any workplace. Employees taking a well-deserved break between tasks to pour themselves a cup of coffee is just part of the normal routine. Pausing to briefly catch up with a co-worker helps create a positive atmosphere, assisting the company in functioning as a cohesive and productive unit as well as helping employee motivation.

Outside of work people have become much more demanding and particular about what they drink. We have seen the rise of the gourmet and artisan coffee scene, with not only coffee chains flourishing but other food and drinks outlets raising their standards too. Nobody buys “a coffee” anymore. We buy americano, espresso, cappuccino, a flat white and a vast range of other types and varieties. Even at home people are demanding more, thanks to the rise of devices like capsule coffee makers. People are willing and wanting to learn and there are now many amateur baristas who like to grind their own beans – at just the right consistency of course (!) – in pursuit of a better brew.

However, inside the office, you will likely still see the same setup – instant coffee and a kettle, or at best a bulk brew filter coffee machine. While to some instant is coffee, to others it is just an endless supply of lukewarm liquid that only carries a hint of the promised flavour! Nowadays, for employees who are coffee fans, having to drink coffee supplied at work is often at a lower level than what they would expect outside or in their homes. Suddenly instead of a welcome break, drinking coffee becomes a thing only done to escape the most menial of tasks.

Workplaces need to meet the same standards that modern people demand in the rest of their lives. If an office provides a bean to cup coffee machine (for freshly ground beans) or some form of commercial coffee machine, it allows its employees to create their preferred drink and this leads to many rewards:

  • Employees will begin to look forward to their breaks again as they can truly treat themselves after a task well done.
  • They will bond more closely as coffee enthusiasts, discussing their favourite beans and blends, while helping their less knowledgeable co-workers learn the ins and outs of coffee.
  • It shows that the company truly cares about the people working for it. That the office should be a place where the workers can make themselves feel that little bit more at home. After sitting down with a steaming cappuccino, with an experimental design in chocolate dust that perhaps did not work out quite perfectly, employees are going to feel pleased with themselves and ready to tackle any challenges that face them.
  • It adds a level of prestige that will be noted by visitors to the company – the aroma of fresh coffee is always noted, and in today’s world, appreciated more than ever.

It won’t be long before we start to hear the phrase ‘coffee culture’ at work. While the working environment doesn’t need to become like a coffee house or café, introducing this form of coffee culture will only add value to a business. With people embracing individuality more and more, allowing them this small personal indulgence can truly make a difference to the wellbeing and morale of staff within a workplace.

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