co-working space
Aug 16

Co-Working Office Space

As the cost of commercial office space continues to rise, individuals and businesses are finding a workable solution and joining those that are already enjoying the many benefits of co-working office space.

This cost effective, flexible and sociable solution eliminates the need to commit to office space that your business isn’t quite yet ready to fill, or to burdening all the responsibilities of an entire commercial lease.

When creating a co-working office space, design, layout and style are crucial to ensure your offering is appealing to tenants. It is also essential to make the most of the square footage available, maximising the potential return on your investment. There are many elements to take into account when people who don’t necessarily work for the same company, or even know each other, share an open plan space. Privacy and office acoustics must be considered incredibly carefully.

That’s where our experienced design team comes in. By understanding the issues and problems that co-working offices can present, our design team can offer solutions by way of creative layout designs, innovative furniture choices and clever ideas that will enable your coworkers to work alongside each other in harmony. Our design team will create an office space that will appeal to all, whilst remaining efficient and functional.

Embarking on any office fit out project can be daunting, but when you need to please so many different people, it can be even more of a challenge. Allow Zentura to make the process much less stressful and deliver a professionally designed and fitted out office space that people will be fighting over.

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