Office Environment
Jan 17

How can Office Space Impact on Employee Morale?

Our surroundings can have a massive impact on how we feel and behave, therefore making sure your working environment is a positive one is crucial to employee morale.

Designing and creating a workspace that boosts the morale of your team can have multiple knock on effects on your business…. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce, so those who appreciate their professional surroundings will naturally be more positive in their role. A happy, positive workforce can result in less downtime, wasted time and sickness time, making professional office design a shrewd investment.

The look and feel of your office space also plays a big part in enticing new staff to your company. The impression your business makes, even at an initial interview stage, can influence those thinking about joining your team. An impressive first impression is always a good start and can make you stand out from the competition.

By putting time and effort into the look and feel of your workplace you are showing your employees that you care about their comfort, job satisfaction and wellbeing. Setting this example from the top ensures the right attitude cascades throughout your business.

In addition to boosting employee morale, expertly designed office space will also create the right impression for visitors and clients too, showing you are a professional, forward-thinking organisation that takes pride in their operation and in their staff.

When people are happy in their work they are more inclined to promote a positive and professional image of your company outside of the office too. You have removed a potential issue or negative situation by ensuring your workspace is designed to benefit your employees.

Considering things like productivity and workflow are crucial when it comes to office design, but taking into account relaxing breakout areas, colour schemes, lighting, office plants, motivational artwork, comfortable furniture and well-maintained communal areas are important too. With the average working week in the UK seeing people spend around 43.5 hours in the office, rewarding your staff with great surroundings is a must, and a great investment.

Clever design techniques and the right use of space, decor and furniture can create an illusion of more space, ensuring that even small offices achieve a spacious and organised feel too. Our team of expert designers work with offices and businesses of all sizes to deliver the perfect office layout.

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