Thermometer in sky
Jun 17

Britain’s Heatwave: How Productive Are You at Work?

We are well known in Britain for not coping brilliantly with weather extremes – when it snows we tend to come to a standstill, but the heat can cause havoc with productive working too. For the few months of the year when we’re more prone to spikes in our temperature, it is important to be prepared, enabling continued productivity and staff well being. We’ve compiled some hot tips to help your company cope in a good old British heatwave….

April 2017 saw temperatures of around 26oC – incredibly high for a British springtime. There are rumours that Britain is now set to enjoy tropical heatwaves during our summer months, with temperatures reaching the mid to late 30oC’s. With such hot weather forecast it’s important to know how to stay cool, calm and collected when the heatwaves hit.

There is endless evidence and reams of statistics to show the impact that hot weather has on the British workforce. From reduced productivity and staff complaints, to genuine illness and bogus sick leave (when the beach is simply too tempting to resist).  Providing a comfortable environment where your staff are happy to work, regardless of the soaring temperature outside, will enable your business to ride out the predicted heatwaves with minimal disruption.

Air Conditioning is of course our first recommendation! Invest in a good system to keep your offices at a constant temperature; ensuring staff are comfortable regardless of the weather outside. It’s also important to keep your air conditioning system well maintained too.

Water Cooler Systems are a must! It’s important that your staff have access to drinking water and by offering chilled water cooling systems around the office, they are never too far from a thirst quenching drink. Many systems offer room temperature or chilled water, catering for everyone’s personal preferences. With water coolers now available that can run from the mains, there’s no longer a need to store and change heavy water bottles. If you want to go one step further, then an added ice machine function is always a welcomed addition in the British summertime.

Relax – it’s hot out there! Many office environments find that their staff appreciate the option of a more relaxed dress code when temperatures start to rise. You may have well air-conditioned offices, but your staff still need to get to and from work in the heat. We all know that public transport can be like traveling in a furnace in the summer months, so allow staff to dress accordingly, but be clear with what is an acceptable dress code for your organisation.

Be reasonable – Be flexible! If your business premises have outdoor areas, then why not allow staff to work from your terrace, garden, courtyard or balcony if appropriate? A bit of sunshine and fresh air works wonders for the soul, so boost your employees’ morale and productivity with some outside office time. You could even go one step further and offer flexible home working or flexible working hours during heatwaves, giving staff the option to bring their working day forward so they can still enjoy the warm weather for a few hours before the sun goes down.

To find out how Zentura can help your offices prepare for this summer’s heatwaves and improve your productivity in other ways too, contact our office design team today.