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Jan 18

Branding & Personalisation – Why Are They Important In The Office?

You would perhaps be forgiven for thinking that the modern office of 2018 is one which is focused heavily on contemporary, minimalist design – you’re certainly on the right track, but there’s still a wealth of importance in making sure that your firm’s recognisable branding, ethos and colours seep through to every aspect of your workspace.  This can mean theming your office interiors around your chosen colours and motifs – and while some offices may choose to downplay this a little, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider making personalisation one of the first tick boxes you should tackle.

Personalisation – and bespoke design – of course assert uniqueness.  Unique interior design shows that you are serious about business, that you genuinely care about stamping your mark on your workplace and that you are keen to inspire both your employees and your visitors with your recognisable colours, slogans and more.  This could mean painting one or two walls with your signature shade – for example, cellular network T-Mobile led with their own exclusive shade of magenta for several years leading up to their merger into EE – and let’s face it, an office completely washed in white doesn’t really do a lot to inspire.

Don’t be afraid to go bespoke on even the smallest of elements, these are important too.  We’re suggesting even the slightest of changes to your interior design could be made to incorporate graphics, signage and more – you could even conjure up your own furniture and storage solutions to put across your unique branding, ethos and logos.  This means doing more than simply splashing a few decals around glass partitions – though, when designed well and printed with professionalism, this can hardly go amiss.

You shouldn’t ever be afraid of branding your office interiors with your personal colours, logos and themes – in fact, they are incredibly beneficial from a psychological perspective.  Not only can they impact positively upon your workforce, they can even inspire and impress your visitors – whether you are hosting prospective clients, fellow firms or even those you are providing a service to.  Here at Zentura, we’ll help you achieve that unique, contemporary look you’ve been aiming for – with your own personal branding and design seeping through each and every design choice we make.  Take complete control of your office design – and don’t hold back – as we will work closely with you from start to finish.

Business image created by Freepik