Office Lighting
Oct 16

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Many business owners and homeowners are amazed by the impressive energy efficiency and cost savings they are achieving thanks to switching to LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting.

The main benefit of LED lighting is the reduced power consumption, which leads to electricity cost savings of around 70%*. When considering the mass of lighting required in commercial office buildings, even in smaller offices, 70% is a major cost saving for any company. It’s no wonder that LED lighting is revolutionising office lighting across the UK.

Whilst the initial cost of LED lighting is higher than older lighting solutions, the long term cost savings available make the upfront expenditure a wise investment.

With many businesses doing what they can to operate in an environmentally responsible way, the substantial energy savings delivered by LED lighting can have a huge impact on an organisation’s carbon footprint, as well as their electricity bill. To further improve cost and energy savings many companies also opt for automatic lighting sensors, ensuring that lights only remain on in areas of the building that are in use.

In addition to the significantly reduced power usage, LED lighting offers other benefits too. Replacing old fashioned fluorescent tubes, often found in commercial buildings, with LED lighting can not only improve the appearance of the lighting installation, but also provide better light for your staff.

The lifespan of an LED light is around 40,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for older incandescent bulbs*. You will therefore also benefit from reduced maintenance costs when it comes to changing bulbs and tubes.

LED lighting also produces very little heat, unlike older style lighting installations. Therefore, you could even reduce your air conditioning bills too, thanks to this impressively efficient lighting solution.

Even the materials used to manufacture LED lighting are more environmentally friendly than older bulbs and lighting strips. Changing your business premises to LED lighting really is a win, win situation.

Whilst LED lighting is a great solution, it is also important to maximise the natural daylight available when planning your office layout. With many years’ experience in office design and fit outs, the team at Zentura can provide input when it comes to various cost saving ideas and how best to plan your office layout.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your office design, assist with relocation and fit out requirements and deliver impressive efficiency and cost savings to your business.