Apr 17

Designing offices to attract talented employees

A job interview is of course a two-way thing, and while you’re sizing up your prospective employee, they’re sizing up their potential working environment. If you’ve found the perfect person (and it’s not always easy) then don’t let your offices be the reason they don’t come on board.

Your office design speaks volumes about your business, so what do you want it to say? We’re assuming you’d like your offices to communicate that you’re a professional organisation – somewhere that takes employee comfort and safety seriously. Does your current layout and furniture show that you care? Has your office design been carefully thought out, taking workflow, acoustics, use of natural light and other important factors into consideration?

If you operate within a creative sector, then your creativity should come through from the minute someone enters your building. To attract the ‘creative cream of the crop’, they need to be impressed by your environment and feel that it is conducive to their talents. There are many ways to add individuality and flair to your workspace, from your choice of décor to the furniture you select. Does your studio space inspire or your office environment impress?

Your corporate brand and reputation could be exactly what attracted someone to apply for a position with your organisation, but is it evident throughout your building? If your branding represents a forward-thinking, modern company, do your offices do the same? Is your furniture contemporary or dated? Are you contradicting your core values?

There really is a lot to consider when you start to think about what your workplace says about your company.

At Zentura, we design and refit offices across the UK for a wide range of sectors. Our expert office design team can help you communicate the right message to your staff, clients and visitors through the clever use of design, layout, furniture and accessories. We work on projects of all sizes, from minor revamps to complete fit-outs, so contact us today to find out how, through designing, we can help you attract talented employees to your team.