art in the workplace
Oct 17

Art in the workplace: Why you need it and how to choose it?

Art in the workplace has many benefits from motivating staff to impressing visitors. It can help to relieve stress in tense environments and promote creativity when needed too.

When we talk about art in the workplace, we’re no longer referring to the clichéd motivational prints that were flaunted in many offices in the 90s, displaying statements such as ‘Teamwork makes the Dream Work.’ Nor are we referring to the more recent ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ craze. Art in the workplace has moved on and your company can reap the many benefits of embracing art by understanding why it’s needed and how to choose it.

As with most choices, you will be driven by budget. If you are looking to invest in art to add to your company assets, then commissioning the advice of an expert may be required. But if you’re hoping to make a statement to your staff and clients, enhance your working environment and see how art can benefit your business, then there are many ways to do this.

Some companies choose bespoke pieces of art, commissioned to complement and strengthen then corporate branding. Whether you choose to take this approach using paintings, designs, statues, sculptures, photography or a combination of pieces, be sure you are completely happy with your brand before you extend it to encompass art.

Art in the workplace can say a lot about your company culture. It can portray the personality of your organisation, allowing visitors, potential hires and staff to understand your values in an instant. Art is about expression, and can enable you to communicate important messages using visual aids that are aesthetically pleasing too.

When choosing art for your workplace why not involve your staff? Ask for their opinions and see how they react to certain pieces. Valuing their input demonstrates that you value them too. Investing in their working environment also evidences that you care about their surroundings and wellbeing.

It is important that the artwork you choose complements your premises as well as your business. Our expert office design team can assist with helping you choose pieces that create the right perception of your organisation. Art can help to brighten spaces, create focal points, lift people’s spirits, provide calming benefits and much more.

To find out how Zentura can enrich your working environment with the use of art, contact us today.