Mar 16

The Benefits of Adjustable Height Desks

When undertaking an office fit out, refurbishment or relocation it really is worth considering the multiple benefits of including adjustable height desks within your workplace.

Many businesses and organisations, including the NHS, are upgrading their workstations to enable employees to adjust desk height for comfort reasons and to provide the option of standing whist working. The traditional office working environment is undoubtedly evolving…

Research has uncovered that those who remain seated for long periods of time are more prone to certain health issues. Adjustable desks and workstations are being shown to improve productivity in the workplace as well as combating some of the problems caused by prolonged seated working. Some companies are even adding treadmill desks to their office environment, providing further health benefits to their staff.

Simply standing up encourages the body to burn more calories than when seated, adding yet more benefits and encouragement for workers to get up on their feet. The standing position also increases blood flow to the brain improving concentration, energy levels and mood, making sit / stand desks a serious consideration for all employers.

In 2013, back, neck and muscle pain were the greatest causes for sickness absence in the UK. Standing desks have been proven to reduce back, neck, muscle and circulation issues caused by sitting for long periods of time – yet another huge plus for both employees and employers.

At Zentura our designers are able to assess your specific needs to design a layout that is conducive to your business, taking into account process flows to improve overall efficiency, resulting in tangible benefits.

Our managed services can encompass your entire office fit out or relocation needs, from initial design concepts and workplace appraisals to selection, supply and installation of furniture. Opting for one contact and supplier ensures efficient project management from start to finish. Our expert designers specialise in workplace transformations of all sizes across London and the whole of the UK.

Our ethos is to ensure our clients receive a service that is accountable, transparent and guarantees peace of mind. Office fit outs, refurbishments and relocations can be major projects and we strive to ensure minimal disruption and an end result that improves your business operation in many ways.

We can assist with advice regarding additions such as adjustable height desks, improvements with energy efficiency, overcoming site challenges, eliminating operational inefficiencies and much more. We will work in close partnership with you to understand your requirements and preferences to create new designs that will encompass your company culture and brand, whilst creating a positive working environment that benefits your staff and your business.

To find out more about our managed services, please contact a member of our team today.