Feb 17

6 Reasons to Redesign your Office in 2017

When was the last time your office received a refresh, revamp or complete redesign? Is the outdated layout causing you headaches? Is the tired furniture an eyesore? Are your offices portraying the right impression to your clients and staff? Maybe 2017 is the year for a change…

We’ve compiled 6 reasons that will make you realise why 2017 is a great year for an office redesign project. Read on to find out the many benefits…
1) Be a leader, not a follower

Wouldn’t it be great to be one step ahead of the competition – evidencing to your sector that YOU are the company to watch! Demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking, ambitious and creative organisation by embarking on an office redesign project that will wow your clients and have the competition feeling more than a little nervous. Incorporate your branding into your new office design to strengthen your corporate identity even further.

2) Treat your team

When your employees spend so much time in their office environment, making improvements to the layout and aesthetics will leave them feeling valued and rewarded. Office redesign can help to boost employee morale and encourage team members to feel proud of their surroundings and their employer. Brightening up dark areas, improving lighting and office acoustics, providing innovative breakout areas, considering things like plants or motivational artwork could all have an impact on staff positivity and productivity.

3) Enhance your efficiency

For many companies, especially those that have experienced rapid or substantial growth, departments and added manpower have been bolted on where possible. Decisions made during the growth period can often benefit from some reevaluation. Your office layout massively impacts your workflow and staff productivity. If departments are connected in the wrong way, workflow can become inefficient and time can be wasted. Use 2017 as the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your internal processes, taking your office layout into account. A logical and flowing office design can help to reduce costly kinks in your internal processes and procedures.

4) Embrace new tech trends

An office redesign is the perfect time to evaluate your current technology provision too. With so many cost and time saving technologies coming into the marketplace each year, is it time you caught up with the latest tech trends? Speed up your systems, streamline your printing, update your software and secure your servers. With so many advancements in the technical world, make sure that your business is maximising every potential improvement.

5) Up the eco ante

Improve your corporate social responsibility and carbon footprint by taking environmental improvements into consideration when embarking on an office redesign project. There are so many ways to improve your environmental impact, from energy efficient lighting and recycling initiatives to flexible working policies and improved building insulation. Do your clients evaluate your environmental ethos before choosing to partner with you? If so, incorporate an environmental overhaul within your 2017 office redesign project.

6) New Year – new opportunities

Now is the time to consider an office revamp, if for no other reason than to breathe new life into your business. Stale and stagnant is not the impression you want to be portraying to your staff, competitors or clients. Vibrant and energetic would be a much better vibe to be putting out into the world. Taking pride in your working environment and considering the many ways you could improve efficiency, security, staff morale, operating costs, environmental impact and how you are perceived as an organisation, could drive your business forward. Why wait – 2017 is going to be a great year!

For expert advice and guidance regarding minor or major office redesign projects, contact Zentura. Our office design team can provide valuable insight and assistance ensuring your office redesign project delivers exactly what you need.