May 16

10 Steps To a Successful Office Fit Out

We appreciate that office fit outs, refurbishments and relocations can be major projects for any business and be the cause of unnecessary stress and disruption. Let us share with you a few simple steps that can revolutionise how your project progresses and the impact it has on your staff, business operations and bottom line.

#1 – Select the Right People

The team you choose to manage and oversee your project will be key to how successful it is. Opt for the right personalities within your business – go for the calm, organised, natural leaders and allow them to play to their strengths. A good combination of input from across the business is vital, so ensure the right mix of departments are included.

#2 – Do your Research

A little time taken upfront will be sure to save a lot of time further down the line. Ensure that budgets are set and clearly communicated (it’s worth considering finance and leasing options at this point too). Establish what will work in your workspace and what is right for your employees. Don’t forget to think ahead – plan for the future and make contingency for growth and expansion if required. Take the time to research and evaluate the best office fit out or relocation partner for you. This decision is key!

#3 – Building Search & Appraisal

If your existing workspace isn’t working as you need it, but you don’t have plans to move, then ensure that you carryout a thorough appraisal of your space and understand any restrictions surrounding what you can and can’t do to your existing premises. If you’re searching for new, more suitable premises then enlist the help of a commercial property agent, but be sure to choose a well established, highly recommended agent. Don’t forget to think long-term – your new space needs to cater for your future needs, not just your existing ones.

#4 – Choose Your Partner

Working with the right office fit out or relocation partner is vital to the success of your project. Carefully assess your requirements and do your homework. Look at their portfolio of work, their testimonials and ensure they can offer every service you require. Working with one service provider on a large-scale project is easier than juggling multiple suppliers. Communication is key and having one experienced project manager and main point of contact will streamline the process significantly.

#5 – Design Development

This is where it gets exciting! Your new workspace will start to take shape. Don’t forget to consider your company branding and ethos at this vital stage. Assess and evaluate your process flows and allow your new workspace to add improved efficiency to your business. Don’t overlook the importance of office acoustics too. Sound can impact and distract staff, so think about those who require quiet space and those who need to freely communicate.

#6 – Pre-Construction Planning

Despite this exciting and major project taking place, your business still needs to operate effectively. Work in close partnership with your chosen office fit out provider to ensure that minimal disruption is caused. Communicate your needs and plan how they can be met.

#7 – The Build

Once the build is underway, plans often change and evolve. Seeing things take shape can result in questions that hadn’t previously been considered. Don’t be afraid to discuss these with your office fit out provider. Things may be able to be improved as the build process takes place.

#8 – Dilapidations

A point that is often forgotten until it’s too late, but many commercial buildings will demand that you leave your old space as you found it. Make provision for this with your office fit out provider and confirm that they can assist with this requirement too.

#9 – The Move

If you are relocating your business then choosing the right relocation partner is key. Opt for an experienced, reputable company that can show proven levels of service delivery. Understand exactly what is included and aim to source a provider that offers a comprehensive service, avoiding the need for multiple suppliers to achieve the same end result.

#10 – Aftercare

Post project aftercare should be considered from the start and be something guaranteed by your office fit out partner. Ideally you should be offered a warranty programme that will cover any snags or issues.