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Feb 18

The Corporate Vs The Funky Workplace

We all have a general idea of what the average office looks like.  When we say average, we may likely be thinking bland, neutral, boring and fit-for-purpose – the office of old, the 90s model.  Things have moved on in the past twenty to thirty years, however, meaning that our misconceptions of what the average

Jan 18

Branding and Personalisation – Why Are They Important In The Office?

You would perhaps be forgiven for thinking that the modern office of 2018 is one which is focused heavily on contemporary, minimalist design – you’re certainly on the right track, but there’s still a wealth of importance in making sure that your firm’s recognisable branding, ethos and colours seep through to every aspect of your

Jan 18

Office Design Choices to Look For in 2018

With the new year upon us, it is time to consider whether your office requires a new look.  But how are you to know exactly what will be considered practical and aesthetically pleasing in 2018?  Here at Zentura, we keep our fingers on the pulse at all times to get the lowdown on what businesses,

Dec 17

Can You Design Your Own Office Space?

Getting office design just right for your business can be fairly tricky. After all, there’s whole host of different factors you’re going to need to try and keep in mind and in balance.   You’re not only going to need to think about practicality – meaning that storage and manoeuvrability should be a prime focus

Nov 17

Agile Working, Activity Based Working & Hot Desking – What’s the Difference?

If you thought that office work operates to the beat of one drum alone, you’d be wrong.  Workplace technique and practice has evolved over the years in an effort to try and stimulate productivity, efficiency and morale in a variety of different ways – and, for plenty of people, this concept of ‘variety’ certainly goes

Nov 17

Reducing Clutter in the Workplace – Can It Be Done?

One of the most popular reasons for wanting to revitalise or revamp an office space is actually very practical – to reduce clutter in the workplace and better utilise the space.  While many firms and businesses are perhaps more keen to look at revamping their general aesthetic (such as colours, materials, branding and so forth)