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Sep 20

Flexible Working: how well does it work?

Flexible Working: how well does it work? As the UK returns to the office, many teams have adopted a flexible working approach. but how well does it work – for people and companies? Of the 78% of the UK workforce working from home in April, half have now returned to the workplace at least part-time. Flexible

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May 20

Going Paperless: 5 Steps To A Paperless Office

In today’s more environmentally minded world, businesses are constantly looking for more ways to improve their environmental footprint. You can find this throughout all areas of businesses from their office furniture and workplace design to their recycling policy. This environmentally conscious approach to business has sparked several office designs trends which affect the workplace. Key

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Feb 20

How To Design An Office For A Great Visitor Experience

A good office considers its employees. With spaces tailored to different work styles, areas optimised for different tasks and an overall uplifting style and vibe – a good office is an essential part of any business. However, there is something better than a good office; a great office. What separates a great office form a

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Feb 20

Office Design Trends to Expect in 2020

2020 is finally here and the Zentura team are looking forward to a fun year of new and exciting office design and refurbishment projects. 2019 was a fantastic year filled with incredible office fitouts but now we are focussed on 2020 and what we can expect to see from this year’s office designs. In this

Open Offices
Jan 20

How Working Styles Should Influence Your Office Design

When it comes to increasing your business’ productivity and effectiveness, understanding your employees is essential. Maximising your business’ effectiveness comes from knowing your employees and tailoring your approach to work to their strengths. One of the best ways to play into your employees’ strengths is to design your office in accordance with their workstyle. Intelligently

Nov 19

4 Office-related Health Issues & How You As An Employer Can Help

Having an office-based role may not exactly be a life-threatening job, but did you know that there are several health issues that do commonly occur within an office workspace? As an employer, it’s your responsibility to minimise the possibility of these health risks and it can be done through office design, thorough care and thought-out

Nov 19

How To Improve Communication in the Workplace

We know that communication is key in all aspects of life and that it is especially important in the workplace. When it comes to an office or any working environment, good levels of communication makes sure that tasks are completed both efficiently and correctly, making for a seamless working system. There are always situations that

improving communication in the workplace
Oct 19

How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Office

Not all companies want nor do they need a large office space. Whether they have a smaller, growing team or the company size doesn’t need to be particularly big this usually means a smaller office space. Sometimes this can still be their own individual unit, or sometimes it may mean sharing out a larger building

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Sep 19

8 Office Necessities We Didn’t Think We Needed Until Now

We are always seeing fun, quirky new office accessories popping up from time to time. After your office fit-out or refurbishment, you and your employees then will want to add even more of your personality to your new-found space. Whether this is letting employees add bits and pieces to their desk to make it their

Gett Taxi
Sep 19

How To Create A Sustainable Office Space

If there is one phrase that has been on everyone’s lips in 2019, it’s ‘climate change’. With more and more people beginning to discuss the dramatic effects it’s having on our planet, we’ve seen companies begin to overhaul their business’ in the effort to create a greener way of life. By having individuals reducing their

Sustainable Office