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Jul 17

Reflecting your Business’s Cultural Characteristics in an Office Redesign

Communicating the cultural characteristics of your business to your employees, clients, prospective clients, suppliers and visitors is crucial if you expect them to understand and embrace your business’s beliefs and principles. It’s easy to write down your cultural characteristics and ensure that staff read them as part of their induction, but it is likely that

Jul 17

Standing Desks – The latest fad or looking after your employees’ wellbeing?

Often the advice given about how to improve our health and wellbeing can be conflicting.  Don’t eat fat – do eat fat. Eat 5 a day – no, make that 10 a day. There are all kinds of contradictory massages out there and it’s sometimes difficult to know which guidance to follow. That’s why we

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Jul 17

Highlights from the Clerkenwell Design Week

We’ve been reflecting on this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week and it’s fair to say that it certainly didn’t disappoint.  It’s amazing to see so many innovative designers breaking through and making their mark.  Lots of British talent showing us what they can do too. Clerkenwell Design Week once again delivered a fantastic celebration of architecture,

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017
May 17

Coffee Culture and the Modern Workplace

In most offices and work environments, workers and the desire to drink coffee go hand in hand. More than just providing a warm shot of energy, the coffee machine can be a social and even creative hub for any workplace. Employees taking a well-deserved break between tasks to pour themselves a cup of coffee is

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May 17

Encourage Creativity with Informal Office Spaces

It’s evident that many sectors are becoming less and less formal in their business operations. Suits and ties are more unusual in an office environment than ever before. This relaxed and informal approach is spreading to office design too, with some astonishing results. If you need your staff to be creative, inventive and innovative, then

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Apr 17

Designing offices to attract talented employees

A job interview is of course a two-way thing, and while you’re sizing up your prospective employee, they’re sizing up their potential working environment. If you’ve found the perfect person (and it’s not always easy) then don’t let your offices be the reason they don’t come on board. Your office design speaks volumes about your

Mar 17

Office Chairs – Keeping your employees comfortable.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin… Office workers are estimated to spend 65% – 75% of their working day sitting down!* With this in mind, making sure that your employees are sitting comfortably is crucial. No one likes a pain in the bottom! Discomfort can not only cause employees to be less productive, but

Selection of office chairs